The Foundation has established a specialized library with recent and rare editions, series of official publications, newspapers and magazines, diplomatic documents, treaties, albums, studies, conference proceedings. The Library has already collected 7.000 titles and the gradual collection of 15.000 titles is estimated. The link e-Library gives access to the library’s online public access catalog (OPAC).
In the reading room, which is open daily (09:00 to 14:00) in the building of Administrative and Scientific Services of the Foundation, the interested parties may consult the electronic database of the library and the archive and study the entire library material available.
The theme of the library is “Eleftherios Venizelos”, and it comprises current bibliography and rare editions of his public speeches, Parliament speeches, interviews, translations, commemorative publications, and several books in German, English and French. Also, part of his personal library, which remained in Venizelos’ Residence or donated to the Foundation by his grandson Eleftherios and his wife Lily Venizelos, is exhibited in the office of the Residence – Museum of Eleftherios Venizelos in Halepa, Hania.
The main subject area of the library is “History”, on international political, financial and social developments of the 19th and 20th century, and equally significant are the subject areas “Crete” (books on the history of the island, albums, studies of social, political and economic history, conference proceedings), “Balkan Wars and First World War” (historic, military, treaties, diplomatic documents), “Asia Minor-Destruction of Asia Minor” (refugee, historic, military, testimonials, society, politics).
The library includes editions on specialized subjects, such as social, economic and political history of regions like North Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Smyrna, Istanbul and Cyprus. The collection also comprises general editions (dictionaries, encyclopedias and series) and art, literature books etc.
Of particular importance is the fact that both the library and the Foundation’s archive are available via the Foundations Website to researchers, students and the public.



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