The aims of the Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to define a national strategy for the systematic research and study of the era, work and life of Eleftherios Venizelos.
Its objective is to constitute in a national level, a dynamic European research and education centre, which will be a  central coordinating institution for the research and study of the work, the era and the life of the great statesman and of modern Greek history, an institution free from ideological restrictions and local limits. Its flexible administrative and financial structure provides for its independence and allows activities beyond administrative hierarchy and established universitary structures.
In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation aims at:

•    creating an archive by collecting original material for the reproduction of archives of public and private, Greek and foreign collections.
•    collecting, preserving and projecting photographic, audiovisual and museal material referring to the life and activity of Eleftherios Venizelos.
•    establishing a specialised library and a collection of documents relating to the objectives of the Foundation.
•    conducting research programmes and coordinated research projects, carrying out research infrastructure programmes and collaborating with universities and other Greek or foreign research institutes for the promotion of the Foundation’s objectives.
•    organising activities and special events within the context of educational programmes, writing informative books and producing audiovisual material.
•    compiling bibliography and writings of Venizelos and publishing his work.
•    awarding prizes to writings relating to the Foundation’s objectives.
•    awarding grants for research relating to the objectives of the Foundation.
•    organising conferences, exhibitions, lectures and similar events, as well as producing documents of scientific, educational or commemorative character.
•    collaborating with the state, local administration, universities, research institutes, museums and other Greek or foreign institutions for the promotion of the  Foundation’s objectives.
•    establishing an international “Eleftherios Venizelos” prize which will be awarded to institutes or persons whose contribution to the projection of the Greek history, the Greek language and the Greek civilisation has been outstanding.

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