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By using this website, hereinafter referred to as “the website” for the sake of brevity, you automatically accept the following binding terms of use.

About us

The Charitable Foundation under the name of National Research Foundation “Eleftherios K. Venizelos”, hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation”, “we”, “us” for the sake of brevity, is a Private Law Entity whose object is the research and study of the life, work and the era of Eleftherios Venizelos and of modern Greek history.

All information contained in the website is the intellectual property of the Foundation, with the exception of that explicitly specified as intellectual property of third parties. The aforementioned information is posted for the information of users, for educational and research purposes and in no case for the fulfilment of any commercial activity or other activity alien to the aforementioned educational/research purposes.

Individuals are allowed to store and reproduce information included in the website solely for the fulfilment of educational and research purposes provided that they mention the provenance of such information and the names of the creators when those names are included in the website. Moreover, especially in case of reproduction in part, the information must not be altered. Any other use, different than the aforementioned ones, requires the prior explicit consent of the Foundation and/or the third party – holder of intellectual rights.

Storage, reproduction, republication, transmission or distribution of registered trademarks, service trademarks of the Foundation or trademarks of collaborating entities that may appear in the website, is strictly forbidden.

The Foundation shall guarantee the uninterrupted and faultless provision of information, without however being able to rule out the possibility of technical problems or accidental errors, which will be rectified within a reasonable time after such problems or errors are identified.

In no circumstances shall the Foundation be liable for the content posted by users of the website or the web portal included in the website, and users shall be exclusively liable for such actions.

In an effort to make things easier for visitors, the website also includes links to other websites, which the Foundation does not manage and with which the Foundation has no affiliation whatsoever. Therefore, in no circumstances shall the Foundation be liable for the content, privacy policy, comprehensiveness, quality and accuracy of the information provided in those websites as well as the secure browsing in them.

All linked websites are governed by the intellectual and industrial property legislation of each country and any linking to them by the website does not exclude the application of the aforementioned legislation by the owners of those websites, in case those websites are breached during the use of material contained in them. In no circumstances shall the Foundation be liable for any misuse of the information contained in linked websites.


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