Educational Programs

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Educational Programs

Since its beginning, the Foundation had a strong interest in engaging in multifaceted activities embracing all three levels of education that are being constantly renewed.

Educational Programs

The educational programs, launched in 2008, are intended for primary and secondary school students. Their subject is focused on contemporary Greek history, on the life, activities, and era of Eleftherios Venizelos. Their aim is to offer an alternative approach to the history, by encouraging the active intellectual and emotional involvement of students in the learning process. Through pedagogical activities adapted to the age, the needs and the interests of the audience (discussions, presentations, dancing, role playing, dramatization, etc.) the participants are invited to act, in order to gain knowledge. In this way, the programs contribute to the development of children’s abilities and to develop their innate joy and curiosity while promoting their creativity.

Experientially, the students learn about the personality of the Greek statesman and his beloved paternal home in Halepa, Hania – the place of his political and social activity- while adopting an attitude of responsibility and respect towards the monument. They also approach the every-day life of the period, in which the great politician intensely participated with his actions, and compare it to today.

Every year the programs are enriched and renewed with new educational elements and activities. In addition, workshops, seminars and theatrical workshops of visual and literary material and of museum education are held for Primary and Secondary Education teachers.

Some of these programs are listed below:

  • “Once upon a time there was a little boy, who became great”, for kindergarten and Primary School Grade A and B pupils.
  • “Learning through Play”for Primary School Grade C and D pupils.
  • “Eleftherios Venizelos: from the Person to History, from the Personality to his Work”: Theatrical workshop for Primary School Grade E and F pupils.
  • “When Art and Culture narrate world stories with great ideas”: Experiential Workshop of Art – Historical Narrative for young students (Gymnasium and Lyceum).
  • “Educational activities in the Interactive Exhibition & Technology Hall (in the attic of the museum)”, for Primary School Grade B pupils.
  • “Once upon a time in Halepa”, for Primary School Grade E and F pupils.
  • “A travel in time: On the road towards the Union of Crete with Greece”, for pupils of the Primary School Grade E, of the Gymnasium Grades A and B and of the Lyceum Grade A.

Experiential seminars

Since 2011, the Foundation has been implementing experiential seminars for primary and secondary school teachers as well as for adult students, parents and other adult groups on educational, historical and social issues. Through active educational techniques from the field of Adult Education and the use of alternative teaching methods, trainees are led to the discovery of knowledge.

Digital educational activity "Eleftherios K. Venizelos, writing history..."

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